What’s inside a jukebox?

This type of jukebox, with a 21st-Century inner mechanism,
holds 80 compact discs (CDs) stacked horizontally on a
slotted rack. When switched on, the pick-up mechanism runs
on a track to the end of the rack, and then a sensor sends it 40
spaces to the centre of the rack. After a CD or song is selected on
the panel of the jukebox, or via a remote-control unit, a location
wheel on the pick-up mechanism sends it along its track to the
correct CD location.
The pick-up mechanism lifts the selected disc, takes it back
to the centre of the jukebox, and drops it down to the playback
head. The CD playing head will scan the number of tracks on
that disc and play the one that was selected. Once the track has
fi nished the CD is lifted and returned to its original slot and the
selection process is ready to start all over again.


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