Finding your way around

The desert is not only barren and featureless, but it
is also a moving entity. Therefore, fi nding your way
around is tough. The easiest way to fi nd your way
around is with a compass, but if that isn’t available,
travel at night and use Polaris, the North Star, as
your makeshift compass.
Even though they are always shifting, sand dunes
can also provide useful navigation hints. They
always build up at 90 degrees to the direction of
the wind, as the wind pushes sand upward to form
them, so even when there’s no wind, if you know
the wind is northerly, the dunes will go east to west
and you can use that information to navigate.
If you are lucky enough to have any landmarks,
try and make a straight path between them so you
know you are going in a straight line.

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